Simrad Yachting’s history is one of entrepreneurs and pioneers in technology who, through hard work, dedication, and technical excellence, created and shaped one of the world’s largest and most respected marine electronics groups. Simrad Yachting today is the result of the union of a number of ground-breaking companies in their respective areas of technology.

The story began with the production of radio telephones after the Second World War and evolved to include automatic steering, satellite navigation, communication and sophisticated instruments for the fastest racing boats in the world.

A milestone was reached in 1984 with the introduction of the first microprocessor-based autopilot, the AP100. This series was the forerunner of today’s generation of autopilots and with the rapid development of technology has since led to many more sophisticated auto-steering solutions. Robertson became a Simrad manufacturer in April 1993.

Today the Simrad name is used by two distinct entities, Kongsberg Maritime AS (dedicated to the manufacture of electronics for commercial fishing boats) and Simrad Yachting which became part of the Navico group in 2006.